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Corporate governance refers to all systems that control and/or direct companies. While it is crucial for these systems to be efficient, it is equally important that they uphold state and federal laws. Instead of addressing legal issues and lawsuits as they come up, businesses can use corporate governance to anticipate problems before they arise.

Avoiding Audits

By staying compliant with all government mandates, industry rules, and other regulations, you can reduce your chances of being audited by a state or federal agency. With the collective knowledge of our legal team, you can rest assured that all state and federal employment laws will be considered while we work with you to develop or polish your corporate governance.

Investigating the Issues

If systems fail or an issue slips through the cracks, you may have to perform an internal investigation of your company. Our attorneys can help you investigate claims of discrimination and sexual harassment using fair and transparent methods. Having a reliable internal investigation policy helps inspire trust amid your employees and encourages them to report misconduct internally.

Demonstrating Regard for Rules and Regulations

Having compliant corporate governance and performing equitable internal investigations can build confidence among employees, but it can also protect the reputation of your business. A company with pristine character has more credibility if an issue ever does make it to the courtroom. By hiring Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law for your corporate governance and internal investigation needs, you can help protect yourself and your business from legal woes.

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