The people that live in Burlington, Vermont love the area. They enjoy their jobs, the shopping that they can do, schools, police, and firefighters. They also have a good hospital to take care of the sick. People work in all different industries and they live well.

Visitors often find that the scenery is very beautiful in Burlington. Whether they are there for business or pleasure, they take plenty of pictures to remember it by. if you are planning a visit, make sure that you see what you can while they are there. It means so much to be a part of the city that you are visiting.

There is a lot to see and do in the area. People have a great time meeting other people from the area and doing all kinds of different things. They enjoy themselves and they usually come back time and time again. Each time, they do and see more and they understand why so many people love the city and want to stay there. They make a home for themselves in the area.

Geography Of Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont is in Chittenden County. It's located in northwestern Vermont on a hillside. The Adirondack Mountains and the Lake Champlain are to the west. On the east are the Green Mountains. Lots of people call this area home and they live and work in the area. It lies 94 miles south of Canada.


Burlington has cold winters and hot humid summers. They have four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter. The winters see a lot of snow so people are used to living in the cold and snow and being able to drive on snowy roads.


Burlington is a college town and is home to the University of Vermont.  The makeup of the city is majority white at 87.5% white to 4.9% black. $51,394 was the median income for households in the area.  26.4% of the people are living below the poverty limit in the city of Burlington.


The population in Vermont is over 42,000.  The people of Burlington love where they live, and they have decent jobs.  They enjoy a great city that is safe to go out and about and enjoy all that there is to do. 

When people come to visit Burlington, they really enjoy themselves.  At different times of the year, holidays especially, Burlington has several outings that people can go on.  They are able to have a great time and meet people from the area.

After visiting Burlington on a vacation, many people decide that they want to come back again.  Some people end up moving to the city so that they too can have a great life and enjoy all that it has.

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