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Being let go of by your employer is a shocking experience that can disrupt your life and put you in a terrible position. To soften the blow, employers frequently offer severance packages that allow former employees to continue to receive some of the benefits they enjoyed as an employee. However, before you consider accepting an offer, you must have an experienced employment law attorney review it and negotiate for better terms on your behalf. At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, our employment law attorneys have what it takes to ensure you receive the best possible severance package. We also represent cases in both New York and New Jersey.

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What Does a Severance Agreement Usually Include?

People tend to believe that severance pay is an employee’s final paycheck. However, several items and conditions are included in these complex legal agreements, which is why an attorney to review the terms.

Here are some of the most common features of a severance agreement:

  • How much you will receive, when your severance payments will end, or if it will be paid in full in a single, one-time payment
  • If you will continue to receive health insurance benefits and how long these benefits will last
  • If you accrued sick leave or vacation days, a severance agreement might reimburse you for them
  • A return of property clause if you are still in possession of items belonging to your employer
  • A non-compete clause and confidentiality agreement preventing you from sharing any details about the company you work for
  • Some severance agreements also allow employees to continue to use company resources, such as mailing or printing, for a finite amount of time

If you believe you were unfairly laid off due to discrimination, it is particularly crucial to have an attorney review your severance agreement. To avoid legal action, your severance agreement might require you to waive discrimination claims in order to receive the benefits stated in your employer’s offer. At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, our employment law attorneys are also experienced in handling discrimination cases.

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