Rochester, New York is a great place to live, work, and play. With its wonderful scenery and a myriad of things to do and see, Rochester is a place that many people love to call home. They enjoy all that they are able to accomplish when they are in the area and they especially like that they can meet such wonderful people. It has many communities that welcome others at all times.

Visiting Rochester, New York for business or pleasure is a pleasant experience. People find that they can enjoy a city and feel safe while doing so. They love Rochester and they come back to visit it over and over again.

Geography Of Rochester, New York

Rochester is located in the northwestern section of the state of New York. Its beautiful land is along Lake Ontario. Irondequoit Bay is only a short distance from Rochester. Through the city of Rochester, the Genessee River runs. It's to the west of the finger lakes.

There is a lot more about Rochester that you will want to know and will explain why so many people love living there. Here is information about the climate, demographics, and information on population of Rochester, New York.


Rochester lies in the zone of humid continental climate. It has four seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Springs are mild, summers are hot, fall is cool, and winters are cold. People that live and work in the area have gotten used to the climate and are immune to the temperature changes. People that visit from the southern climates find it to be very cold.


There are 43.7% whites, 41.7% blacks, and 5% Alaska Natives or American Indians. In the households, 30% of them had children under the age of 18 living with them. 25.1% of the people are married couples who live together. 23.3% are women that are the householder but have no husband present. 47% of the people were not families.

$27, 123 is the average income for a city household. $31,257 is the average for a family living in the area. About 25.9% of the people are living below the poverty limit. Much is being done to help these people to incorporate into the world as it is today and get better work so that they can live better.


There are over 200,000 people living in the city. There are approximately 1,000,000 people in the entire metropolitan area of Rochester, New York. They live and work in the area. Their jobs are in all different kinds of fields. There are many great neighborhoods where they can find homes, apartments, and condos to call their home and they enjoy decent schools, shopping centers, hospitals, fire and police services, and a lot more.

Rochester, New York is a great place to live and work in. It's also a great place to visit. Many people go to this area to experience all that they can while they are there. It will please them in many ways because of the great place and people.

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