Yonkers is a city in Westchester County, New York. It is part of the NYC metropolitan area and is the fourth most populated city in the state. The city of Yonkers is bordered by areas such as Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and White Plains. The total area of this city is only about 10 square miles which makes it one of the smallest cities in Westchester County. It sits at a high point on the east side of the Hudson River and is known to be one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the entire state. The geography of the area was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. The geography has been used to create many landmarks in the city.

Yonkers is known for its "The Yonkers Marathon" which takes place every year on Columbus day. There are three main parts that make up this marathon, first is a 5K run/walk that starts at 8:30 AM. The second part is a 10K run/walk which starts at 9:00 AM. The third and final part is the half marathon which starts at 10:00 am. This race attracts runners from all over the country every year, since it is one of the oldest marathons in New York state.

Yonkers is known for its cultural and economic diversity, having voted at different times for the Democratic and Republican parties during elections.

Demography and population of Yonkers.

The city has a population of 201,519 according to 2010 US Census Bureau estimates. It is home to the Bacich School of Music, Art and Architecture in Bayard Street which was declared a historical site in 1983. Other notable locations in Yonkers include the Riverfront Library and Performing Arts Center and Leake & Watts retirement home.

The most populated area in Yonkers is North Yonkers South Yonkers east Yonkers There are many schools in Yonkers that are accredited with the board of regents. the most populated school in younker's is Yorktown high school.

The population tread of Yonkers is 120% white Yonkers population tread is 0% ,Asian Yonkers population tread is 0%, native American Yonkers population tread is 1.30% black Younker's population tread 12% mixed Yonkers population tread is 111.80%.

Climate of Yonkers.

The climate is divided into two seasons by the residents. Yonkers summer and Yonkers winter summer consists of 80% humidity at like 25 degrees high winter consists of 60% humidity 40 degrees low yorkers has snowy winters with snowing about 30 inches a year Yonkers has an average rainfall of 22 inches .The summer is very humid and winter is divided in to two spring Yonkers fall Yonkers spring has 18% humidity at like 45 degrees yonker's fall consists of 9% humidity 50 degrees .It is still kind of cold when it snows in Yonkers the temperature usually go down to 20 degrees. I would recommend you to bring a jacket when you go to Yonkers in the winter.

Yonkers climate is a humid continental climate climate is a cool summer yonkers climate's warmest month is July and Yonkers coldest month January Yonker's averages 25.93" of precipitation. The wettest month is October. Yonkers' dries up the most in august..

To sum up, Yonker is a nice place. You can always arrange for a vacation and come see wonders

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