In a state such as New York, there is an abundance of sidewalks, and for pedestrians, sidewalks are where some accidents and injuries take place. In fact, New York is regarded as one of the most walkable and pedestrian-friendly cities, with more than 12,000 miles of sidewalks.

With so much sidewalk, the state has the responsibility of regular maintenance, much like any other concrete construction. Over time, if not properly maintained, sidewalks can become damaged, which can put pedestrians in danger. In cases like this, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

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What To Do After a Sidewalk Slip and Fall in NY

There are some basic actions to take after you've suffered an accident on a NY sidewalk or any accident for that matter. Follow the steps below to ensure you do the right thing for your personal injury claim.

  1. If you need emergency assistance, dial 911. 
  2. Photograph the accident scene, your injuries, any property damage, the portion of the sidewalk that caused a hazard that led to your accident, and the surrounding environment. 
  3. Determine if there were any witnesses and obtain their contact details. 
  4. Check the area for any surveillance cameras. With your lawyer's assistance, you may be able to access video footage of the accident, if any. 
  5. Seek medical attention and save all medical records.
  6. Consult with a knowledgeable slip and fall lawyer in New York. 

In New York, Who Is Liable in a Sidewalk Accident?

You may be able to seek compensation from the City of New York or a private property owner for your injuries, depending on the specifics of the case. Should the accident occur on a sidewalk that borders a private property, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries.

This is because, in most cases, the owner of the property that borders the sidewalk is obligated by New York's sidewalk statute to keep the pavement in a fairly safe condition. They risk being held liable for any injuries and property damage that results from their failure to comply.

The City of New York may be responsible for the accident if the sidewalk is adjacent to a building owned by the local or state government or a one, two, or three-family home that is occupied by its occupant.

Filing a Sidewalk Accident Claim in New York

When you file a sidewalk accident claim, it is similar to filing a tort claim against any private individual. You must prove that the property owner owed you a duty of care, that they were in breach of that duty, and their breach of duty caused the sidewalk accident that caused your injuries.

However, filing a claim against the City of New York for a sidewalk accident can be a more complex process. The City of New York may only be sued if you can prove that the government knew about the hazardous situation, had written notice of it beforehand, and did nothing to address it. As you can see, it can be far more challenging than establishing a private person's liability.

Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law Can Help You Resolve Your Sidewalk Accident Claim

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