The day-to-day hustles of life can sometimes get overwhelming. Whether work-related stress or family issues, you need to find an outlet to help you relax. The best way is to find an activity that you enjoy or need to learn. Whether visiting or you are a resident of beautiful and historic New Rochelle, there are countless activities at your disposal. Therefore, this article will outline the three main places you can visit to get you through a fun day.

Glen Island Park

Are you an outdoorsy person who loves water activities? Then this should be at the top of your list. Glen Island Park is a waterfront park on the long island sound owned and operated by Westchester county. Its 105 acres of land is a hub of activities that will leave you content. Some of the main activities available include:

Enjoy A Picnic

The waterfront park offers a serene beach where you can enjoy a picnic with a loved one or alone. With the view of the ocean and a calm breeze, you will have an enjoyable time out.

Take A Stroll

As the buzz of the day dies down, Glen island park offers the most beautiful ocean scenes. With boats coming back from the day's sail, it leaves a breathtaking sight of whites on a deep blue ocean. Your walk will be not only therapeutic but also stunning and a picture to remember.

Boating and Fishing

Glen island park also offers a boat on hire, which you can take out for the day. Its magnificent crescent-shaped beach has a boat ramp that handles more than 60 launches per weekend.


Opened in 1999 and located at 29 LeCount place between Main Street South and Main Street South, FunFuzion is the only indoor amusement park in Westchester. It has a combination of activities great for families and kids. When you want to ring out the child in you and remember what being free felt like, this is the ideal place to visit.

Although it is a hub of activity, it is well known for its famous five fun zones. They include mini glow golf, glow bowling, an enormous arcade with over 300 games, and a billiard room with ping pong. Additionally, it also has an option of mini soccer and laser tagging. After a day of the adrenaline rush, you get to enjoy a snack as you calm down from their food options.

Pelham Art Center

The Pelham Art center started in 1970, is located at 155 Fifth Ave Pelham, New York. It is an excellent place for everyone but for those who have an art appreciation. Not only is it an exhibition center, but it also has regular events such as the shine spring gala, held at its locality. Its exhibitions feature artists from every location, local, national, and international, with various media.

Additionally, Pelham art center offers art classes and workshops for all ages geared towards supporting upcoming artists and educating the masses on art matters. They also have demonstrations, performances, folk art celebrations, and art talks. Even if you don't know much about art, this will be a great place to visit with lots for you to participate in.

Bottom Line

No matter what kind of activity you find enticing or would like to try, New Rochelle has everything you can ask for. Many hidden gems will leave you awestruck when you have the time to enjoy them.

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