Every city has its own history and culture and every place there is to go presents a new experience. Yonkers, New York, is no exception and has a lot of things for people of all ages to do. This article is to serve as a guide for anyone looking to see what Yonkers has to offer or who might be moving there soon. The advice given in this article is based on the writer's personal opinion and may not reflect the opinions of Untermyer Park and Gardens, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester, Broadway, or any other businesses there. This guide includes:

Untermyer Park and Gardens

Established in the early 1900s, the Untermyer Gardens are one of Yonkers' most prized assets. The gardens were given to the city by Mrs. Minnie Cumnor HillUntermyer back in 1917, and since then, they have been dedicated to public use. It features fountains, beautiful green spaces, and even a small zoo with animals such as monkeys, birds, and goats featured throughout the gardens, which can be enjoyed by any visitor. The park also features many attractions for children, including tree houses, a small playground, and even a carousel that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. The best time of the year to visit Untermyer's is during springtime, when many of its grassy areas are full of colorful flowers planted by volunteers who help ensure the beauty stays intact every day.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester

A nice day out not too far from Yonkers is at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester (located in Westchester), where kids will have a great time going through the many rides, interacting with LEGO models, and playing in the different play areas found throughout. Most of the attractions are for children under thirteen, so adults can enjoy a relaxing day while their young ones go out and explore. A huge hit with kids is the 4D cinema which has been described as being "like IMAX but better" because it includes special effects such as moving seats, wind, bubbles, and even smells that add to what you see on screen. Other attractions include a water zone, an area filled with LEGO models that change every season, and a master class where kids can create their own LEGO model that they will get to keep afterward.


Broadway serves as the main street in Yonkers and holds a lot of history and interesting sites that many locals and visitors alike enjoy. There's something new to discover on every block you walk down, so there is never a dull moment when walking through Broadway. Some attractions include Yonkers City Hall, where Abraham Lincoln once gave a speech; The Hudson River, which provides great views of New York City if you go for a walk or drive along its coast; The Yonkers train station, which has been praised as being "a marvel of architecture" because it was modeled after the Roman baths of Caracalla – it even includes an arcade where people can buy things from shops that are inside the building. And, if you're a history buff, you can stop by the Old Croton Aqueduct, where people can walk along the path of the former water canal that was used from 1842-to 1913. If you're looking for some coffee or a quick bite to eat during your day out, there are many restaurants and cafes on Broadway to choose from.

For people who want to enjoy something a bit more unique, Yonkers offers Broadway theatre for all ages. There are shows targeted at different audiences, so whether you want to take your grandma out for tea or bring your kids to see some Disney characters live on stage, there's something for everyone in the family.

The Grandview Theatre & Drafthouse has hosted many plays over the years, including "Phantom of the Opera" and "The Sound of Music." If plays aren't quite your thing, then check out other theaters such as Theatre on 3, which often hosts performances by children's groups presenting plays enjoyed by young ones' all across Westchester county. By going on a trip to Yonkers, there's no doubt you'll have a great time checking out all the many things this city has to offer. So don't wait and head out today!

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