Brookhaven is a small city belonging to the county of Suffolk in the state of New York. Some time ago its population was 472,425 inhabitants, normally Brookhaven has good weather, in summer there are hot and humid days, winters are cold and windy and in general every day of the year it is cloudy. During the days the temperature varies, but it is a great place to visit, it will surprise you

If you are planning a visit the Historic town you can get there by car, by train or by flying in from anywhere in the United States, that is why this time we leave you 3 things to do when you visit Brookhaven:

Fire Island National Seashore

We are talking about a national coast covers about 26 miles, fire island is established as a national park service unit on the date of September 11, 1964 you can access to fire island by car using the roads that provide a beautiful coastline drive, or you can also access by boat private or by ferry, both of which depart from the bay shore located on Long Island.

This place also fulfills the task of protecting the property of William Floyd, who was a United States general, fire island is included in the register of historical places in the country.

The Long Island Museum

This Long Island Museum has several exhibits for all ages, so that they understand and enjoy the history, art and much more about the legacy of long island and other communities near the city. To enter the museum you must buy your ticket at the museum box office or via the web, the cost is $10 but children under 6 years old enter for free, seniors pay an entrance of $7 in addition to that certain exhibits must be paid with an extra amount along with the entrance ticket.

It is also accredited by the alliance of the country's museums since 1973, due to its educational programs, exhibitions, and the conservation and care of the collections. In 2006, this museum was part of a group of institutions in various cities of the country as an affiliate of the great Smithsonian. If you plan a visit to this great place, you should know that the visiting hours are from Friday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Smith Point County Park

At Smith Point county park you will find the fire island barrier, this beach is perfect if you are a surf lover and if you want to spend time sunbathing, the park also offers other types of activities for all ages and the family, such as camping, swimming, diving, fishing and various food options.

Also, the lifeguards of this place are recognized throughout the country, and this is their base of operations, in addition to having a playground for children, charging station, outdoor beach area, you can bring your pets as long as they are on a leash and in the designated area.

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