What Is Erb's Palsy?

Erb's palsy is a form of paralysis of the arm that usually takes place at birth. This occurs in the upper group of the arm's main nerves, which severs the upper trunk nerves. It is a type of brachial plexus palsy that causes damage to the nerves of the arm that provides the movement and feeling to the hand, arm, and fingers. This is a problem that is caused when the child's neck is stretched to the side in the course of the delivery process. If your child has suffered from Erb's palsy during birth because of medical malpractice, you can speak with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer at our firm.

During a difficult delivery, the medical physicians must take every necessary step to ensure that the child is born without any unnecessary problems or complications. If your child is the victim of medical malpractice that has led to the birth injury of Erb's palsy, it is important to first care for your child and then take legal action to recover damages. If you feel that the physician could have done more to prevent this affliction, you can obtain a free case evaluation from our firm to discuss your situation. The obstetrician in charge of the delivery of your newborn should have done everything possible to prevent this affliction from occurring. There have been many situations in which this could have been prevented with reasonable medical care.

You may be able to obtain compensation if the medical provider had failed to recognize the signs associated with this problem. It is important for each physician to take action to minimize the risk of injuries during birth. Prompt actions should have been taken if it is presumed that the child may be born in a dangerous position. At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, we can handle your case by investigating the potential claim or lawsuit on your behalf. We can review the circumstances surrounding the birth and evaluate whether the child is entitled to compensation.

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Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

At our firm, we are consistently fighting for the rights of our clients. If your newborn has suffered Erb's palsy and you have reason to believe that it could have been presented with a reasonable amount of care, you can take legal action by speaking with our firm. Young children with Erb's palsy may face months of treatment and surgical care. In the most severe circumstances, it can be a permanent disorder and prevent the proper movement and feeling to the individual's arm for the remainder of their life.

During a difficult birth, the baby's shoulder can get stuck on the mother's pelvic bone when:

  • The baby is too large
  • During a prolonged labor
  • During a breech presentation

The improper use of forceps, a vacuum, or force, can result in an increased chance of serious injuries occurring to the child. When it comes to a difficult delivery, doctors can use different procedures to dislodge the baby's shoulder to allow a safe passage through the birthing canal. If the doctors have failed to take the necessary precautions to avoid an Erb's palsy injury, you may have cause for a medical malpractice case. We can help you fight for your rights to compensation if your child has suffered from medical malpractice.

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When it comes to fighting for your rights and the rights of your newborn baby, you will need a New Jersey personal injury attorney with experience and strong qualifications. At Brandon J. Broderick Attorney at Law, we can help you handle your case with a high level of compassion and attention. We work hard to achieve a settlement that you deserve. You can be compensated for medical expenses, other financial losses, and pain of suffering.

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