The town of Hempstead is where you will find the most popular beach in the state of New York, Jones Beach. The beach alone welcomes around 6 million annual visitors but there is a lot more in store for the Hempstead tourists considering that it is the largest of all the three towns in Nassau County. It has a total area of 191.3 square miles (495.5 km2) which is more than thrice the size of the state’s second-largest city, Buffalo. The town of Hempstead nestles on the western part of Long Island which is one of the best estuaries in the world. In this area where the tide meets the stream, the supply of economic and recreational opportunities is never scarce.

Population and Neighborhood

Hempstead is the most populous township in the state of New York. With its 765,846 population as of 2020, Hempstead is more densely populated compared to all of the state’s incorporated cities except the Big Apple itself. The town comprises 22 villages and 37 smaller communities. Its villages include Hempstead which is the largest of all the communities in Nassau County. Freeport is the town’s second-largest community that remains to be a popular destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Atlantic Beach is one of the less densely populated communities in the town but its population swells every summer when visitors start to flood its beaches. Hempstead Township is a diverse municipality in the state of New York that has everything to offer for everyone. It’s always nicer by the water and this is one of the top reasons why 80% of the town’s population are composed of homeowners who prefer to take advantage of the booming economy as well as the endless sports and leisure opportunities that this town has to offer.


The racial composition of Hempstead is 63.41% white, 17.41% African American, 6.17% Asian, 0.33% Native American, 0.02% Pacific Islander, and 12.66% other races. It has an average household income of $137,968 and an average family size of 3.54. Hempstead is a great place to live which is evident in its 70.13% populace who was born and raised in the town. It has friendly neighborhoods and vibrant schools which makes it a suitable place not only for single and active individuals but also for growing families.


The climate of Hempstead is among the top reasons why it is one of the most comfortable places to live in the country. Living in Hempstead will allow you to enjoy an average of 172 sunny days and take advantage of its glorious summers. July is its hottest month with a temperature that averages 82 degrees. The town also receives an average of 23 inches of snow per year which is 5 inches below the national average. Hempstead showers its residents with an average of 45 inches of rain per year with May as its rainiest month. With its good air quality, comfortable climate, booming economy, and a myriad of leisure activities, Hempstead is not only a great place to visit but also one of the best places to consider if you’re looking for a permanent place to invest and settle.

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