Brookhaven, New York is a city in Suffolk County, New York. The population in 2010 was about 71,000. Brookhaven has a median family income above the state average, and the education level of the people is at an average of 15 years of schooling. It has a very low unemployment rate of approximately 5.4%, which is less than both the national and state average.

Brookhaven, New York is predominantly a residential area with a large college population. The average listing of homes for sale on Zillow is $709,624 which puts Brookhaven in the 'middle income' range. However, home values in Brookhaven are close to $600,000 compared to an average list price of $435,000 nationwide. Approximately 10% of the population lives below the poverty level and about 30% of those live below 200% of poverty.


The climate of Brookhaven, New York is characterized by humid summers and winters with moderate rainfall. The average July temperatures in Brookhaven, NY are in the high 70s, with an average January temperature of 36 degrees.

The relative humidity is around 70% and the chance of precipitation is 50%. There are about 21 inches of precipitation per year. Being located on Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean has an effect on the climate of this area.


The 2010 census revealed that the population of Brookhaven, New York was 75,177. The population density is 1,421 people per sq. mile and there is the average age of 33 years old for those in the city. The median annual household income is about $64,205 which is more than the state average but less than both New York and the country as a whole.

The population that speaks English at home as their first language makes up 43% of those residing in Brookhaven, New York, while 15% speak a language other than English at home! About 6% are currently learning English at home.

The median age for those living in Brookhaven, New York is 34 years of age. The male/female ratio is almost equal, with around 54% of the population being male and 46% female. 33% of the city's population is under the age of 18. 43% of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher education level and 15% have a graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate in Brookhaven, NY is 4%.


Brookhaven, New York is home to many large and important businesses such as Northrop Grumman, Guardian Glass, Gannett Fleming, and J.P. Morgan Securities. Northrop Grumman is the largest employer with approximately 6,000 employees in Brookhaven. GMD Consulting Engineers has 350 employees, while State Street Bank has 500 employees, which makes them the 2nd and 3rd biggest employers respectively in Brookhaven. The construction industry employs around 800 people and there are another 800 employed in other main industries including retail trade, education service, health care, and foodservice industries.


There are lots of different incomes in Brookhaven, New York, but in general, the median is about $58,000 and the average annual household income is around $66,500.

About 7% of the population is below the poverty level and 33% live below 200% of the poverty line. Approximately 14% of the population receives Social Security benefits.


The average listing price for a home in Brookhaven, New York is about $500k and about 10% of the population lives below the poverty level. The largest percentage of people (43%) live in single-family homes, followed by those living in rented apartments and mobile homes. 69% of those living in Brookhaven are homeowners, with 31% being renters.

The residential population of Brookhaven is moving, and the average age of those moving into Brookhaven is between 45 and 54 years old.

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