The town of Islip is located in Suffolk County, New York, along the south shore of Long Island. The total area of the town is 163.1 square miles. Of that, 57.8 square miles is water, and the other 105.3 square miles is land. The areas bordering the town include the Town of Babylon to the west, the Town of Brookhaven to the east, the Town of Smithtown to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Islip also includes parts of Fire Island and the Great South Bay.

Islip is mainly a suburban area, with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses. Beyond the more urban parts of it, the scenery is beautiful. There is plenty of open park land and forest areas, where people enjoy camping and fishing. There are also great beach areas for swimming and relaxing. As can be seen, Islip has diverse terrain, making it a great place to visit and live.


The city of Islip is considered a humid continental climate, with some maritime climate as well. The coldest monthly temperature, in January, is an average of 30.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In July, the warmest month, the average temperature is 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures generally remain pretty steady and moderate. Temperatures below -5 degrees Fahrenheit, or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit are rare. The record low temperature recorded in Islip, set in 1967, was -14 degrees Fahrenheit. The record high temperature, set just a year previous in 1966, was 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Precipitation is pretty steady in the town of Islip, with an average of 46.2 inches of rain per year. While the rain is pretty evenly distributed throughout the year, March and April are the wettest months. On average, it rains about 118.9 days out of the year. There is an average of 24.8 inches of snowfall a year in the town, and pretty much all of it occurs between November and April. It snows an average of 12.3 days out of the year, with January and February being the months with the most snowy days.


As of 2000, the population of Islip was 322,612 people. There were 98,936 households and 78,555 families living in the town. The population density was around 3,064 people per square mile. The area is mostly white, with 77.25 percent of the population being white. The rest of the population was made up of 9.02 percent black, 2.17 percent Asian, 0.26 percent Native American, 0.05 percent Pacific Islander, 8.32 percent other races, and 2.93 percent multiple races.

Out of the 98,936 households in the city, 39.4 percent had children that were under the age of 18 living in the household. 62.4 percent of the households were married couples living together, and 12.3 percent were single females living without a male present. 20.6 percent of the households were non families, and 16.2 percent were individuals living alone. The average size of a household was 3.22 people, and the average size of a family was 3.55 people.

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