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Learn more about Islip

About Islip, New York

  • Elevation: 79’
  • Area: 532 mi2
  • Population: 482,436

Top sights of Islip.

  • Islip Art Museum
  • Captree
  • Seatuck Environmental Association

Is Islip NY safe?

Islip has a very average crime rite at 11 per 1,000 residents. this means that Islip’s crime rate is nether particularly bad or good.

What is Islip Known for?

Islip is famous for its strange geography. The town actually has a smaller unincorporated area inside of it that is also known as Islip.

Is central Islip a bad area?

Central Islip is not a bad area. It has actually been rated in the 84th percentile of safety.

Is East Islip safe?

Islip is not considered a bad area. It is safer than the majority of cities with a lower crime rate most.