The financial district, New York, is a city located in the united states of America. The beginning of the existence of this city dates back to the early 16th century. It is believed that New York City was created in 1624 In the financial district of Manhattan. During this period, the financial district was referred to as new Amsterdam. New Amsterdam, which was earlier known as Fort Amsterdam, was the capital of the province of New Netherlands. New Amsterdam was an extension of the province of the Dutch republic. New Amsterdam was renamed New York City by the English people who occupied the province in 1664.

In 1665, the population of what was New Netherlands was about 2000 people. 1500 of the people where residents of in New Amsterdam which would go on to become New York. This population grew to 9000 people by 1664, with 2500 of them living in New York. About 1000 of the population lived found near Fort Orange, and the rest of the population was in other towns. In the late 19th century New York City was booming which facilitated the construction of early skyscrapers. There was also the existence of residential sections, which included bowling green, which was situated between Broadway and the Hudson River.

During the late 17th century, the financial district hosted many offices. It was also the headquarter of several financial institutions in the city, including the Bank of New York, Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange. This made the financial district and New York become the leading financial city globally. This helped New York City to become the most recognized city in the world. In addition, it also led to many firms purchasing land in the city, resulting in higher growth. There were also other major exchanges, such as the New York Board of Trade, whose headquarters are located in the city.

In the 20th century, New York City transformed into a business city that hosted many offices. The financial district developed to become a world trading centre at about 1966. However, at this time, the city did not attract many tenants. Many people instead chose to live outside the city in the outer boroughs or out on long island. By 1990 there was a significant growth rate of the real estate in the financial district.

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