Today's vehicles almost all come equipped with black boxes. These gadgets collect driving and vehicle data before, during, and after an auto accident. The official name is an "event data recorder." The information collected in these black boxes can help with crash investigations and is frequently used as support evidence in legal claims or court cases.

If you are ever hurt in a crash, event data recorders can serve as vital evidence. The information aids in identifying an auto accident's true cause, helping both police and attorneys. This might assist a lawyer in demonstrating the negligence of the at-fault driver, especially if you or a loved one was injured.

Many lawyers will utilize the evidence from event data recorders in car or truck accidents. In some cases, New York police will download the data for the investigation in the event of a fatality or extremely serious injury. But, not every small town or municipality has the funding to conduct such an investigation, especially in individual vehicle or truck crashes.

When the data is used, it can be the difference between winning and losing a case or claim following a car accident. If one driver is lying, the information in the event data recorder may be the only source that reveals what actually occurred and what caused the car crash.

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Are Black Boxes Required in Every Vehicle?

Event data recorders were once seriously considered to become a requirement for every vehicle by the federal government. With efforts to adopt new safety technology and to pave the way for future autonomous or semi-autonomous driving, it almost passed. There is, however, still no federal statute that requires data recording devices.

Still, almost all auto manufacturers are installing them voluntarily, making them useful in some instances, especially legal cases.

What Data Is Recorded By a Black Box?

Common information that appears on black box records are:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration and deceleration speeds
  • Steering angles
  • Vehicle tilt 
  • Throttle position
  • If brakes were engaged
  • Force of impact
  • Times of airbag deployment
  • If the seat belt was fastened

Some devices can record video or audio from inside the car and monitor your GPS location. This tracking capacity is limited, though. The black box will only have recordings from the final 20 seconds of the crash after it occurs. Additionally, many black boxes only store up to three "events" before recording over previous events. "Events" are typically vehicle impacts while it is in motion.

They will only record if the vehicle is turned on. It cannot operate if the battery is dead and the ignition is turned off.

This data belongs to the owner of the vehicle. However, black boxes can be accessed by law enforcement and others involved in civil litigation with a court order in several states, including New York.

Using Data as Evidence in Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims must establish fault and that this fault contributed to the accident that resulted in your injury.

Black box data is useful in three different cases:

  • Establishing the case of a fatal accident
  • Establishing accident details when the parties involved can't recall how it occurred
  • Establishing details if there is conflicting testimonies
  • Establishing the impact of the accident and if there was sufficient force to cause harm

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You could need the assistance of a New York car accident lawyer like Brandon J. Broderick if you were injured in a car crash. The data from your black box or the other party's could prove to be vital to proving your case. Your attorney can put in a request to the opposing party and insurance provider to save the defendant's black box data to serve as evidence in your car accident claim.

It is advised that you get legal counsel as soon as you can because of this. An attorney representing you will not cost you anything. All personal injury lawsuits are accepted on a contingency fee basis, so you have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.

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