Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, and unfortunately, accidents do happen. These accidents often result in serious injuries. As a result, you may face expensive medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, you can get the financial assistance you need to cover your losses. Workers’ compensation is available to employees who get injured on the job.

The procedure of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be complex. In addition, the compensation may not be enough to cover your losses. That’s where a construction accident lawyer comes in. The attorney can help you navigate the legal process to ensure you get fair compensation.

Here are six signs you need a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer.

Other Parties Contributed to the Accident

Normally, workers’ compensation benefits cover medical costs and lost wages. In Brooklyn, you have a right to receive a portion of your lost income if:

  • Your injury prevents you from working for a period exceeding seven days
  • You work fewer hours than before the injury, causing a reduction in pay
  • You earn less because you now do other work 

Workers’ compensation keeps you from suing your employer. However, other parties may also be responsible for your construction accident. Hence, you may be able to file a third-party claim against them. Doing so lets you recover more compensation than what workers’ benefits provide. You may even get damages for subjective losses like pain and suffering.

Some of the defendants in a third-party construction accident lawsuit include:

  • Property owner
  • General contractor
  • Subcontractors
  • Product manufacturers

Navigating a construction accident case involving a third-party claim can be challenging. A Brooklyn construction accident lawyer can help you with the legal process.

You’re Not Sure How To File a Claim

Filing a claim for compensation after a construction accident can be confusing. A lawyer can explain the claims process and ensure you do things right. That way, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes that jeopardize your claim. 

The first thing to do after suffering an injury in a construction accident is to seek medical care. Then, report the injury or illness in writing to your employer as soon as possible. In Brooklyn, you have 30 days to notify your employer. Failure to do so may result in you losing lose the right to recover benefits.

Afterward, file an employee claim, reporting the injury to the Board as soon as you can. Your employer will then report the incident to their insurance provider. 

You Get a Low Settlement Offer That Doesn’t Cover All Your Losses

Sometimes, insurers give injured workers a low settlement offer. It may not be enough to cover your losses. A construction accident lawyer in New York can help you secure a fair amount. They can review your case and determine the true value of your claim. The lawyer will consider your medical bills and lost wages. 

A lawyer can provide representation if you’re unsatisfied with a settlement offer. They can also gather evidence to help support your claims.

The Insurance Company Rejects Your Claim

Most times, insurers accept workers’ compensation claims and will pay benefits. However, you can appeal the decision if the insurer denies your claim. In such cases, you may need a lawyer to help you fight back.

Your workers’ compensation claim may get rejected for a variety of reasons. One reason is failing to report the injury in time. Another is if you didn’t seek medical treatment within the required timeframe. Other times, the insurance provider may claim that the injury isn’t work-related. 

It’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer if an insurer denies your workers’ compensation claim. They can collect evidence to prove your case and protect your right to compensation. 

You Need To Claim Disability

Suffering a serious injury in a construction accident may result in disability. Hence, you may have a right to claim temporary, permanent, partial, or total disability. Each category attracts different benefits for different durations. A construction accident lawyer can help you recover disability benefits. 

Sometimes, an insurer may incorrectly classify your disability. Hence, you may recover lower benefits. A lawyer can help safeguard your rights if that happens. 

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Construction accidents can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s especially true if you’re also dealing with serious injuries.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a lawyer can help take the burden off your shoulders. An experienced lawyer can handle all the legal aspects of your case.

Reach Out to a Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer Today

If you get injured in a construction accident, you may want to get legal help as soon as possible. A Brooklyn construction accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. They can offer guidance, support, and representation as you navigate this challenging time.

At Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, we are dedicated to assisting clients throughout Brooklyn, all of New York City and New York State. We have years of experience in both workers compensation and personal injury claims. Our top-rated attorney team has the extensive resources you need to secure a fair case result. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact us immediately to discuss your case.

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