Truck accidents are unfortunate and all-too-common on New York roads, often leading to serious injuries, fatalities, and extensive damage. With millions of commercial trucks traversing the highways daily, understanding the most common causes of these accidents is crucial for drivers and lawmakers to ensure safer journeys for everyone.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the leading factors behind truck accidents in New York and examine critical statistics that underscore how significant this issue truly is.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in New York

Truck accidents in New York often result from driver error and negligence, fatigue, distracted driving, and improper maintenance.

Driver Error and Negligence

Driver error and negligence are one of the most common causes of truck accidents in New York. Despite strict regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which reportedly spends over $463 million on crash and auto-injuries and fatalities prevention, some drivers fail to adhere to proper safety practices.

In many cases, this could be due to a lack of proper training or ignoring essential protocols.

One notable aspect contributing to driver error and negligence is defective brakes and other components – often cited as factors in truck accidents. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) Analysis Series has analyzed these causes extensively, highlighting the importance of regular maintenance checks for trucks on the road.

Neglecting these essential responsibilities can lead to tragic consequences for truck drivers and other people on the road. 

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue significantly contributes to truck accidents in New York and across the country. Long hours on the road, tight deadlines, and monotonous stretches of highway can all contribute to drivers becoming drowsy or falling asleep at the wheel.

The federal government has set commercial truck drivers' driving time limits to avoid accidents caused by driver fatigue. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules specifying an 11-hour maximum driving time within a 14-hour workday followed by a required 10-hour break.

However, some drivers may push their limits due to pressure from employers or financial necessity - putting themselves and others at risk on the roadways.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can significantly impair a driver's ability to react and make critical decisions on the road. With large vehicles like trucks, even a slight lapse in concentration can have severe consequences for the truck driver and other motorists sharing the road.

Research reports reveal that distracted driving contributes substantially to truck accidents in New York. For instance, texting while driving increases the risk of crashing by 23 times compared to undistracted drivers.

Furthermore, even taking your eyes off the road for five seconds at highway speeds could cover more than 100 yards – enough distance for catastrophic collisions to occur easily. It’s commendable to only focus on driving while on the road. 

Improper Maintenance

Truck accidents caused by improper maintenance are more common than people think. Lack of proper upkeep can lead to failed brakes, tire blowouts, or mechanical malfunctions.

Neglected vehicles with worn-out parts can spiral into disaster in seconds.

Trucking companies should keep their fleet in good working order; however, many fail to do so. A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study found that nearly one-third of trucks inspected across the United States were placed out-of-service for brake-related issues alone.

The costs associated with these types of preventable truck accidents are financially and emotionally substantial. They impact individuals in the accident, their families, and communities.

Truck owners and drivers should consult professional mechanics to learn how often they need to schedule servicing, maintenance, and repair services. 

Costs of Truck Accidents in New York

A truck accident in New York can result in extensive costs that go beyond just property damage. These costs may vary depending on medical expenses, lost wages and earning potential due to disabilities or death, and property damage.

Aside from the immediate costs, there are also long-term economic effects on society. For instance, increased insurance premiums for trucking companies may eventually lead to higher prices for goods transported by trucks. Also, traffic delays caused by truck accidents can have ripple effects on productivity and commerce in affected areas.

The social and emotional costs of truck accidents also weigh in significantly. The aftermath of a truck accident can be devastating for those involved. Victims may suffer serious physical injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma, requiring ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The survivors may also experience emotional distress and financial hardship due to mounting medical bills or lost wages from time off work following the accident.

Help with Your NY Truck Accident Claim

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