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Did you experience burns from concrete or cement while at a construction job in Brooklyn, New York? We stand up for construction workers who have been injured.

One of the riskiest jobs one can perform in Brooklyn, New York construction is that of a cement worker. Each year, the construction of new structures in New York City requires the use of hundreds of tons of cement and concrete. New York construction workers encounter numerous hazards when working with concrete, from pouring foundations to constructing sidewalks and pavements to setting huge concrete blocks and floors. There are around 7,000 cement burns per year from splashes or spills in the United States.

When pouring wet cement, concrete burns are the most frequent injury. These accidents happen when wet concrete comes into prolonged contact with a worker's skin. For instance, when a concrete worker kneels on brand-new cement without wearing knee protection, they could come into contact with the wet concrete and suffer a burn. First-, second-, or third-degree burns could result from absorbing corrosive bleed water from concrete via a worker's pants or letting it seep through their gloves and sleeves. Concrete burns and skin ulcers can be serious, requiring hospitalization or skin grafts, and may take several months to heal.

To prevent concrete or cement burns, construction workers who frequently come into contact with building materials like concrete, mortar, plaster, grout, stucco, and terrazzo need to exercise caution. This ailment, which most frequently affects employees who handle wet building materials, can seriously and potentially permanently damage a worker's skin. These workers face a serious risk of injury if they are not provided appropriate protective gear and the opportunity to regularly wash the excess material from their skin.

We know that injuries associated with burns from concrete or cement are often severe. Your life can quickly change in ways you never imagined. Taking legal action is essential to help you receive compensation from any negligent party.

If you have suffered serious injuries from cement and/or concrete burns, it is very important that you don’t rely on workers' compensation without exploring your options. Contact an experienced Brooklyn construction accident attorney at Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law to make sure that your rights and the rights of your family are going to be protected. You may have a number of legal options available to seek the compensation that you need.

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What Injuries Can Cement Burns Inflict?

The chemical mixture that causes cement burn might differ from batch to batch in cement trucks, but its most hazardous components are the ingredients: sodium and potassium oxides. When combined with water, it forms alkali hydroxides, which can injure the skin and limbs. When these hydroxides (also known as caustic soda, caustic potash, or lye) come into contact with any animal or plant matter, they begin to eat it. If cement burns have advanced too far, gangrene may form, which could possibly cause limb death and the need for toe and finger amputations. The following are a few injuries brought on by cement burns:

  • Blisters
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Green or Black Skin
  • Hardened or Dead Skin
  • Inflammation
  • Scaling

The potential for early indications of these injuries to go unnoticed until it is too late is a significant risk factor. Too frequently, cement burn victims don't even experience the irritation until permanent harm has already been done. Due to the need to prevent contact in the first place, these workers must have quick and easy access to washing stations where they may frequently remove the excess material from their skin. They should also wear protective apparel that completely covers all exposed areas of skin. There are significant risks when these stations are not accessible and when workers are not appropriately warned about the risks of concrete burns.

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