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On every NYC building site, cranes are an important piece of machinery. Because of technological advancements, they can now transport huge loads higher and faster than ever before. Tragically, crane accidents do and can happen. They are responsible for around 20% of all accidents in the construction sector. Unfortunately, the results can be disastrous for the construction workers who are present at the time.

While cranes facilitate workers' performance of necessary duties, they are also exceedingly risky to operate, and accidents involving them can be fatal or leave nearby workers and pedestrians permanently disabled or worse.

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New York City's crane accidents: top causes

In New York City and across the country, crane accidents appear to be occurring increasingly regularly. Why? These mishaps can (and do) occur for a variety of reasons. However, some elements appear to have a greater impact on crane accidents than others.

Crane accidents have a number of common causes, including:

  • Cranes colliding with live power lines
  • Tipped-over cranes
  • Cranes dropping loads
  • Boom collapses
  • Damage from the hook lifting device
  • Crane-related falls
  • Rigging failures
  • Crushing by the counterweight

The unfortunate reality is that workers in the construction sector will always run the risk of harm due to the intrinsically dangerous equipment, even with adherence to OSHA safety rules.

Crane accidents sometimes occur as a result of negligence. Hiring and training qualified crane operators, correctly installing the equipment, and carefully operating the crane are the best ways to prevent crane accidents. Bystanders and construction employees may suffer injuries if these things don't take place.

Who Is Responsible For My Injuries From A Crane Accident?

Anyone who contributes to your crane accident in New York may be liable for any injuries that arise. This may incorporate negligent:

  • Owners of property - A general responsibility of property owners is to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Construction companies - General contractors are required by New York Labor Law Section 200 to ensure your safety and the safety of the equipment on the job site.
  • Owners of cranes - Sometimes the crane you're employing on the job site belongs to a third party. If the crane wasn't maintained or subjected to regular inspections, that company might be held liable.
  • Crane manufacturers - Any flaws in the crane that contributed to the accident can be traced back to the manufacturer. According to New York's product liability statutes, manufacturers of flawed crane components may also be held accountable.
  • Subcontractors - The crane might be supplied and run by a different business doing work there. If a worker from another company is hurt, that subcontractor may be held accountable for their negligence.
  • Engineers - It's possible that an engineer asked you to perform an unreasonable amount of risky work or was careless in how they directed the crane's placement. They are liable for their own negligence as they are experts.

According to New York's labor laws, you could even be able to hold a property owner or contractor strictly accountable for your injuries. You have the right to "sufficient protection" against potential injury and a work environment that is reasonably safe. You may have a strong case for damages if the owner or contractor fails to give you that.

What Kind of Lawsuit Could I Bring After a Crane Accident in New York City?

If you or a loved one is injured in a crane accident, you might be eligible for compensation or benefits. You could be qualified to seek extra legal action based on the particulars of your situation.

Following your accident, you have two options for seeking compensation:

File a claim for workers' compensation. If you sustain an accident while working as a covered employee, workers' compensation benefits will be paid regardless of whether a mistake or act of carelessness occurred. These claims may cover the payment of medical expenses, a minimal wage replacement, and, if required, disability payments. If a worker dies as a result of an accident, workers' compensation death benefits may be offered.

File a wrongful death or personal injury claim. Workers' compensation is the only available remedy, so you cannot sue your employer for an injury or wrongful death, but you may take legal action against any other parties involved. This could apply to the crane's manufacturer or other related parties.

Do I Have to File a Lawsuit Right Away?

We are aware of the current difficulties. But don't be afraid to assert your right to recover compensation. Waiting too long could result in you losing out on money.

You have 30 days from the date of your crane accident to notify your employer if you want to be eligible for benefits under a workers' compensation insurance program. After that, you'll have a year to formally request benefits.

If you determine that filing a personal injury lawsuit is your best course of action, you'll have a little more time to take action. The three-year statute of limitations applies. As a result, you have three years from the accident date to submit an injury claim.

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