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Ladders are important equipment in the construction industry since workers must perform their tasks from heights. Ladders must be in safe working condition, set up appropriately, and used on premises free of risks that might cause ladder accidents and severe or life-altering injuries.

Unfortunately, site owners and contractors – who have legal responsibilities to ensure workplace safety – do not always take the precautions to safeguard workers against ladder accidents. Due to these failures, workers fall from ladders and sustain severe or long-lasting injuries that hinder them from working and enjoying life. However, in New York, there are specific laws that allow workers injured in ladder fall accidents to sue property owners, general contractors, and other responsible parties.

If you have been hurt in a ladder accident in Brooklyn, you might be entitled to financial compensation. The top-rated Brooklyn construction ladder accident lawyers at Brandon J. Broderick are available and ready to answer any questions that you may have during this difficult time. Our extensive experience allows us to identify which parties may be held liable for worker injuries, and it guides the precise strategies we use to secure the highest possible compensation.

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Construction Ladder Accident Statistics

According to a recent report published by the U.S. Department of Labor, noncompliance with well-established Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules is the leading cause of construction accidents. The report highlighted occurrences involving stairway and ladder risks that resulted in construction worker injuries.

OSHA estimates that there are as many as 36 fatalities and 24,882 injuries each year due to falls on stairs and ladders on construction sites. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found in a recent corollary study of 1,400 ladder-related accidents:

  • 42% of those injured were working on the ladder at the time of the disaster.
  • 66% of those hurt lacked the knowledge necessary to properly inspect ladders before use.
  • 19% of the ladders involved in the accidents had one or more defects.
  • 53% of non-self-supporting ladders involved in accidents were not secured or braced at the base.
  • 61% of ladders involved in accidents were not secured at the top.
  • During use, 53% of the ladders involved in the accidents broke.

Can I File a Lawsuit for a Ladder Accident?

Construction workers in Brooklyn who sustain injuries on the job are entitled to benefits provided by the workers' compensation insurance of their employers.

An injured worker may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against other parties that negligently caused an accident or violated the law, despite the fact that workers' compensation is the exclusive remedy against the employer under New York law.

The viability of a case linked to your ladder accident will depend on the relevant circumstances.

Workers may be entitled to sue for damages in the following situations:

  • New York Labor Law violations committed by property owners, general contractors, and other responsible parties.
  • Defective products, including ladders and equipment with faulty design or construction.
  • Third-party negligence (i.e. accidents caused by negligent contractors or subcontractors on a worksite).

Cases Involving Ladder Accidents We Handle

Our Brooklyn, New York City attorneys have the experience to assess the details of your accident and discuss your options for obtaining compensation, having collected millions of dollars for clients injured in ladder accidents. Our firm handles both workers' compensation and personal injury cases for our clients, providing the full assistance necessary to maximize their recoveries.

Contact Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation about your case. We can assist with any type of incident involving ladders and heights, including:

  • Falls from A-frame, extension, platform, and standing ladders
  • Accidents involving ladders caused by construction debris or uneven work surfaces
  • Old or broken ladders / ladder collapse
  • Demolition accidents
  • Improperly secured ladders
  • Struck-by-object accidents
  • Supervision or training negligence
  • Use of a ladder in small or constrained areas
  • Ladder or equipment defects
  • Accidents involving electrocution and electric shock on ladders

There are numerous potential causes for workplace accidents, including ones that are not immediately evident. Even if you are unsure of the origin of your injuries, our attorneys may evaluate and research the situation to identify the most effective course of action for compensation.

New York Labor Law & Accidents Involving Ladders

From falling objects to falls from heights, ladders pose significant dangers to workers. Consequently, there are laws in existence designed to protect workers.

Some examples include:

  • The New York Labor Law 240(1), which requires construction project owners and general contractors to provide adequate protection to workers who perform job duties from heights and allows owners and contractors to be held strictly liable for injuries. This law covers falls, falling items, and other hazards using ladders, scaffolds, and similar equipment.
  • The New York Labor Law 200 requires that contractors and property owners maintain an adequately safe workplace.
  • New York Labor Law 241(6) allows injured workers to file lawsuits against general contractors, site owners, and others for violating the New York Industrial Code's workplace safety regulations, even though these entities did not cause the hazardous condition.
  • Section 23-1.21 of the New York Industrial Code, 12 NYCRR, addresses the use and safety of specific types of ladders and ladderways. In addition to rules governing when these ladders must be used on projects, the law puts restrictions on extension ladders and platform ladderways used on large projects and requires the replacement of ladders whose structural integrity has been compromised by damage or age.
  • OSHA standards involving worker safety and health. OSHA violations, such as failure to fulfill specified height, location, and rung size criteria or regulations for safe ladder use, could be indicative of a party's inability to comply with its legal obligations.

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