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New York is known for its skyscrapers with large windows that always appear to be clean. These windows provide views of a complex city. People do not consider, however, how these glass openings are kept so clean. Window washing is a necessary job in New York that requires men and women to ascend to great heights in order to clean the windows. Unfortunately, injuries can occur if the scaffolding or structures used are not sturdy. An accident involving window washing can result in debilitating injuries or even death.

If Labor Law §240(1) or §202 have been violated, a window washer may file a claim against the responsible parties. In addition to claims under the Labor Law, a window washer who has been injured may be able to bring additional claims, such as a common law negligence claim. To determine each and every possible claim and who is at fault for a window washer accident in New York, one must have a comprehensive understanding of the state's laws. Brandon J. Broderick's window washing accident attorneys in Brooklyn, New York have extensive knowledge in these areas of law.

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What You Should Know About Window-Washing Accidents and the Dangers and Risks Associated With Window Washing

The labor laws of New York §202 require the building manager, lessee, or other agents to provide the window washers with stable devices and equipment for cleaning the windows. Section §240 of the labor law also protects window washers. The latter clarifies scaffolding and high-rise structure safety regulations. Employers and building managers who fail to provide these safety provisions are liable for any resulting injuries and damages.

The following are common causes of window washing accidents:

  • Safety equipment not supplied
  • Scaffolding breakage
  • Unsecure ladders or scaffolds
  • Unsecure guardrails
  • Scaffolding fails
  • Improperly maintained safety equipment

Individuals who arrive to wash windows have the right to a protected environment. New York statutes provide this protection. However, if those in charge do not adhere to established regulations and rules, severe injury can result.

Window washers are tasked with cleaning the glass windows of homes, offices, stores, and high-rises on behalf of building owners. They frequently work on suspended platforms and are therefore prone to scaffolding accidents, especially when hazardous weather conditions such as wind and rain are present.

Given that washers frequently work hundreds of feet above the ground, a fall of 50 or 60 feet would be absolutely fatal. If a scaffold detaches or breaks and a worker falls hundreds of feet, he or she will suffer severe injuries or die. Even if the safety equipment functions properly and prevents falls, window washers face additional dangers. This may include:

  • Being exposed to caustic chemicals, such as oxalic and hydrofluoric acids, that can come into contact with the skin, eyes, or respiratory system.
  • Exposure to strong winds. Any wind exceeding twenty miles per hour is dangerous.
  • Repetitive trauma or excessive overuse
  • Overexertion, resulting in arm, back, or neck injury
  • Potential onset of PTSD as a result of mental trauma caused by dangerous conditions.
  • Heat exhaustion caused by prolonged exposure to the sun

If you are a window washer and sustain one of the above injuries, you should consult with a NYC construction attorney about a possible workers' compensation claim.

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