If you live almost anywhere around New York City, you have most likely used a taxi service in your lifetime. While taking a taxi is pretty straightforward, traveling as a passenger can be risky, especially if the driver is involved in an accident.

In a taxi cab, you could potentially slam your head into the glass or plastic divider, which can result in a more serious injury to your face, head or brain. If you're in town on vacation, this can be even more traumatic.

While no one wants to suffer injury, luckily, you are likely eligible to file a claim for compensation from the taxi company or the actual driver of the cab to recover your medical costs, lost income and emotional distress.

We will go over your legal options in the following article, but the best action you can take after an NYC taxi cab accident is to seek out an NY personal injury attorney to go over your case and provide the legal guidance you need.

What Are My Legal Options After NYC Taxi Accident?

Accidents in taxi cabs occur in two ways. One, the car you are driving or riding in as a passenger could be hit by a taxi. Or two, the taxi you are riding in as a passenger may be involved in an accident that is the fault of the driver or that of another driver.

You must establish liability and damages when a taxi cab hits the vehicle you are in. If the taxi cab company alleges that you were negligent, you have to defend yourself with evidence. The amount of damages will be the main point in a lawsuit if you suffer injuries while riding in a taxi cab. Accidents involving a taxi cab where no one is at fault is extremely uncommon. In almost all taxi accidents, you will file a lawsuit against the taxi company, the driver of the other car, or another liable party.

Following an accident with a taxi, gather as much information as possible, including the names, phone numbers, and, if at all possible, addresses of any witnesses. Witness testimony could be very important to your case, as they will have an unbiased account of what happened during the accident. Calling the police to file an official report is very important, as well as taking pictures of the accident scene.

You can submit a claim to the taxi company's insurance provider following an accident in which you were a passenger in another vehicle. You can submit a claim with your no-fault insurance for compensation for your medical costs. Or, you may have the option to file a claim against the driver's insurance company for the taxi you were riding in.

What About Multi-Vehicle Accidents or Multi-Passenger Injuries?

Many states have mandates that require taxi drivers carry minimum coverage of anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 in accident-related injury coverage. A taxi will rarely carry more than what is required of them by state law. In NYC, the city requires at least $100,000 in liability coverage and $300,000 in coverage for everyone involved in the accident. Unfortunately, multiple injuries may not be covered by the minimal coverage.

The total medical costs surpass the policy limits when there are several parties involved in a taxi accident that is clearly the driver's fault.

You may be able to  use your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to pay for medical costs, depending on the conditions of your insurance policy. Or, your own PIP (personal injury protection) insurance coverage if you have one or are covered under someone else’s PIP coverage.

This is all information your personal injury attorney can help you determine, and what options you have to recover your losses.

Who Is At Fault In An NYC Taxi Accident?

It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for the injuries sustained by passengers in a NYC taxi accident, especially if there are multiple parties at fault. To find all possibly liable parties and compensation sources, we urge you to consult with our team of lawyers. Taxi drivers frequently work for businesses, therefore any accidents they cause may fall on the companies for liability.

If another driver caused the collision, they may be held responsible. The losses suffered as an injured passenger may also be shared by both drivers if they contributed to the crash.

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