Everyone thinks drunk driving is the only risk for truck drivers, but a very common danger is driver fatigue. We should all take drowsy driving very seriously, as lack of sleep impairs driving abilities similar to those of intoxicated drivers. This makes it more difficult to pay attention to the road, identify and respond to hazards, and stay in one's lane.

We will go into more details about driver fatigue, how it impacts the risk of accidents for truck drivers and what you should know in the following article. However, following a truck accident in Connecticut, it's important that you consult with an experienced CT truck accident lawyer to ensure your best chance of success if a negligent truck driver causes an accident due to drowsy driving.

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Risks Of Drowsy Driving

Knowing the dangers of drowsiness while driving will help you understand just how dangerous it can be. Driving when tired is equally as dangerous as driving while drunk, even though it usually starts with a little yawn or a racing mind. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that drivers whose BACs were 0.05% or higher had the same reaction time as a driver who had been up for more than 18 hours. Drivers with BACs of 0.10% or higher had the reaction time of someone who was driving and been up for more than 24 hours.

While it is possible to conduct tests to determine whether a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there is currently no way to determine whether a driver was fatigued when the accident occurred. However, investigators can recognize the telltale signs of drowsy driving.

Drivers are under pressure to fulfill deadlines, even though federal restrictions limit the number of hours they are legally allowed to drive without a break. This can lead them to drive very fatigued. In fact, driver fatigue is the cause of 13% of all commercial vehicle accidents.

If you've hired an attorney to represent you after a CT truck accident, they will review the accident report and look for details in the other driver's statement that point to tired driving, such as

  • Lack of concentration before, during and after an accident
  • Lack of memory or ability to recall what occurred leading up to the accident
  • Yawning
  • Restlessness
  • Heavy eyelids

To prove negligence on behalf of the drowsy truck driver, there may be other facts, such as the driver's statement or a witness statement to support the claim.

Fatigue in Truck Drivers: Common Reasons

Being drowsy before getting behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. But there are a lot of additional factors that might make truck driver fatigue more dangerous. Here are a few of them:

  • Illness: When we're sick, our bodies want to relax. The driver may experience extreme drowsiness due to various ailments, such as the flu or common cold. Unfortunately, their schedules could cause them to forego necessary rests and feel more exhausted than before.
  • Intoxication: Nearly half of all truck drivers confess to having consumed alcohol. In America, this is significantly higher. Drowsiness when driving is exacerbated by intoxication from drugs and alcohol.
  • Medication: Fatigue in truck drivers can be caused by medication use as well. Drooling is a side effect of these medications that can lead to an increase in accidents caused by fatigue.
  • Working multiple shifts: Truck drivers may opt to share rides with coworkers in order to increase their earnings when times get tough. Their bodies may have trouble adjusting to prolonged shifts, despite their eagerness to work more. Drivers start to feel the effects of exhaustion as they push themselves to fulfill impossible deadlines.

Who Is Liable If A Fatigued Truck Driver Causes An Accident?

Any injury that comes from a truck driver's drowsiness is the responsibility of that driver in Connecticut. As a driver, you are required to pay attention to your surroundings and respond appropriately. They must stay off the road if they are unable to drive safely.

The issue is simple: drivers who are exhausted should not continue driving. They are extremely dangerous and could cause an accident if they keep driving. Any accident that they cause will likely be their responsibility.

What To Do After An Accident With A Fatigued Truck Driver in CT?

If you were involved in an accident caused by a CT truck driver who was too tired, you may be able to claim compensation. Here are two steps to take immediately after the accident:

  • Go to the doctor: If you want to avoid the risk of untreated injuries, it's best to see a doctor. Making a note of your injuries is a good idea since it will help with insurance claims and legal battles.
  • Retain the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer to help you recover damages.

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