According to research, hundreds of car and motorcycle passengers get injured on Connecticut roads annually. Furthermore, these injuries are among the severe cases in automobile accidents because passengers have no reaction time to brace and prepare for the accident.

Often, you'll hear that passenger injuries are much easier to resolve than other accident injury cases. It only applies following the reason that the passenger wasn't the driver.

So, it's improbable that the passenger contributed to the car crash. Even so, it doesn't make your accident claim easier since all other aspects of your claim stand.

Here's what to do if you're injured as a passenger in Connecticut.

Types of Injuries

There are plentiful types of injuries you can get from an accident as a passenger. Some of the common injuries include:

Some of these injuries can have lifelong effects on your life. These include eternal rehabilitation and everlasting side effects. You shouldn't carry this burden throughout your life alone. Here's what to do if you're injured as a passenger in Connecticut. 

If Your Driver Was at Fault

The at-fault driver in a car collision can be your friend or family member. As a passenger, you may feel uncomfortable suing the driver if that's the case.

Regardless of the situation, you have all the rights to file an accident claim against the at-fault driver, which will help you get compensated for any injuries incurred during the accident.

It's not like you're filing a claim against your family or friend's assets. Rather, you'll be filing a compensation claim against the insurance company of your friend or family member.

If the Other Driver Was at Fault

As would be the case with your driver, file your compensation claim against the other driver's insurance. It's vital that you let an experienced accident attorney lead you throughout the process.

An expert will understand the complexity of auto accident litigations better. Besides, your car accident lawyer will safeguard your rights as a passenger, ensuring you get the right amount for your compensation.

Don't Talk to an Insurance Adjuster

Unfortunately, many passengers try settling accident claims with insurance companies on their own. Then, when it becomes too late, the passenger realizes they ought to have had representation from an injury lawyer.

Insurance law is complicated and can only be better interpreted by a legal expert. Besides, claims adjusters won't let any chance to minimize your settlement or deny your claim slide.

If you're the innocent passenger involved in a car crash, too much could be at stake. So, taking care of the insurance claims yourself would not be best.

Instead, contact your personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf and help you get rightfully compensated.

Multiple At-Fault Drivers

Your accident can happen in a scenario where your driver and the other vehicle's driver are both at fault. If that's the case, you can file a claim and recover your damages from both drivers' insurance.

Insurance Claims for Passengers in an Auto Accident

The various things to remember with an insurance claim for a passenger in an auto accident are as follows.

Health Insurance Claims

Sometimes, you can get involved in an accident as a passenger in a car insured for medical payments coverage. If so, the coverage will be used to pay part or all of your medical expenses.

Insurance Claims against Owners or Employers

You might realize that one of the at-fault drivers was working when the car collision happened. In this case, a passenger may have a chance to file a claim against the driver's employer.

Also, you can bring a claim against the owner of the at-fault car if they're a different person than the vehicle's driver.

Multiple Passenger Injury Claims

Another scenario might involve an accident with more than one passenger's injuries. Here, all the injured passengers will bring claims against the at-fault driver.

Sometimes, the total value of the claims may surpass the driver's insurance. So, you might have to settle with the at-fault driver for an amount less than what your case might have been worth.

Get Help from a CT Auto Accident Attorney

It's always better to consult with a CT auto accident lawyer to handle your compensation claims after being injured as a passenger in a car accident. Ensure your injury lawyer has a long successful history of winning cases like yours.

If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Connecticut, you deserve to fully recover for any physical, emotional, and mental injuries you suffered. At Brandon J. Broderick, with our proven track record of success and our commitment to client care, we can get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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