One of the main issues when suffering both injuries and property damage from an accident with a commercial vehicle is liability. In Connecticut trucking accidents, it is important to hold the at-fault party liable for any damages you suffer.

Depending on the type of trucker operating the vehicle, trucking accidents include a large number of people as well as at least one company. For example, a truck driver may have been hired by a company to transport goods, but he or she may also operate independently and not be an employee of the company. In a case like this, the trucker can still be held completely liable for the accident. For the victim to successfully pursue compensation, they must be aware of this relationship. This is where an attorney comes in.

With the help of a CT truck accident lawyer, you can evaluate the case and determine who is at-fault and who is responsible for covering your losses. Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law has a team of experienced lawyers who can help guide you through your case.

Liability in a CT Truck Accident

The Truck Driver

Liability for an accident involving a commercial truck or tractor trailer may fall on the driver for a variety of reasons. He or she might disobey the law, experience a truck-related problem, or get distracted while driving. He or she may be held fully responsible for any injuries if they use drugs or alcohol. Long trips, nighttime driving, fatigued driving, and medical issues are among other factors that may make an accident more likely. Without any other party or company at fault, the truck driver is usually held accountable for the injury or property damage.

Trucking Company

The party who is liable is usually the trucking company that employs the trucker. It is sometimes difficult to prove this liability without the help of a good lawyer. Items that can help prove that the trucking company is responsible include an incomplete inspection, the business taking shortcuts when it comes to safety, impossible expectations that push the driver further than is reasonable, and a rush to achieve deadlines that results in the accident. Numerous studies have shown that manufacturers and trucking companies are both responsible for accidents caused by defective machinery and taking shortcuts.

Truck Owner

The owner of the truck may be liable in a truck accident if the trucking company uses it but does not own it. The owner may be responsible for inspecting the truck and its maintenance, which is also subject to federal requirements. The owner may be held liable for damages if they fail to take actions in the manner that the federal government directs.

Cargo Loaders

Accidents occasionally involve the cargo of the truck. When boxes or equipment fall off and injure someone, the cargo loaders may be held responsible if they did not thoroughly inspect the goods and secure it. If a flaw results in an accident, the truck's manufacturer may also be held liable. If there's a defective part that results in mechanical failure, a tire blowout, or defective brakes, the part's manufacturer retains liability and is frequently liable for compensating the victim for damages.

The CT Truck Accident Lawyers At Brandon J. Broderick Are Here To Help

When involved in a truck accident, determining fault can be difficult without the help of a trusted lawyer. The team of truck accident lawyers at the Connecticut offices of Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, can identify the at-fault party to and seek compensation on behalf of our clients.

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