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Have You Been Injured on a Construction Site in Brooklyn Due to Site Debris?

Construction sites are frequently littered with hazardous debris, ranging from paper trash and plastic to sharp metal, glass, and wood fragments. Although frequently disregarded, this debris can cause serious injuries to construction workers.

Debris, which is defined as "the remains of something broken down or destroyed," is a natural byproduct of the majority of construction work in Brooklyn, New York. According to the Department of Sanitation, thousands of tons of waste are generated daily in the five boroughs. When improperly handled, the lives and livelihoods of construction workers are jeopardized, whether as a result of faulty machinery, human error, insufficient safety equipment, or any number of other factors. If you or a loved one work in the construction industry or have been injured in a debris-related accident on a New York City construction site, knowing your rights is crucial and can prevent you from losing money and benefits to which you are entitled.

The lawyers at the Brandon J. Broderick Law Firm in Brooklyn, New York, have established a solid reputation over the past decade. We have seen firsthand the harm that injuries from site debris on construction sites do to our clients' families. Let us fight to obtain the compensation and medical care that you need in order to start the healing process and continue on with your life.

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Construction Site Debris Accidents. Why Do They Happen and What Types of Injuries Can Occur?

Construction work generates a certain amount of dirt and debris. However, workers are at risk of dangerous slips, trips, and falls when debris and clutter accumulate near open floor holes, on unfinished roofs, and on stairs. Debris on construction sites can endanger workers in a variety of conditions and ways. In the event of a fire, collapse, gas explosion, or compressor explosion, debris can be propelled through the air at high speeds. This may carry shards of glass or large amounts of material and travel with some velocity.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the construction site supervisor to ensure that all potentially hazardous debris/materials are removed from work areas. When a supervisor is negligent in this duty and injuries result, the injured worker may be entitled to additional compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, in addition to workers' compensation.

As evidenced by the shocking number of accidents involving debris that occur annually on New York construction sites, the dangers associated with this type of work include, but are not limited to:

  • Trip-and-falls
  • Falling debris
  • Slip-and-falls

When working in such environmental conditions, possible injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Respiratory burns, asphyxiation from smoke inhalation caused by fire.
  • Broken bones from trips, slips, and falls caused by loose debris such as stacked plywood.
  • Damaged vision, permanent blindness from airborne particles such as dust.
  • Head trauma from falling objects, such as cinder blocks.
  • External cuts and internal bleeding from debris-related objects like broken glass.
  • Full or partial paralysis from falls caused by improperly secured workloads containing such debris as asphalt.

Who Is Liable for a Construction Site Debris Injury?

When property owners, supervisors, or general contractors fail to adhere to safety regulations or take simple measures to clean up a construction site, it can be hazardous for workers. When injuries result from their negligent conduct, these individuals should be held accountable.

We can establish negligence by showing:

  • You were owed a duty of reasonable care;
  • A party violated this duty of care;
  • Their violation caused your injuries.

In cases where only a workers' compensation claim is filed, it is not necessary to prove negligence. To pursue a third-party claim against a negligent party other than your employer, however, you must be able to demonstrate their negligence. This is why it is essential to have seasoned attorney Brandon J. Broderick on your side, especially when your rightful compensation and wellbeing are at stake.

Consult Brooklyn Accident Attorney Brandon J. Broderick About Your Claim if You Were Injured by Construction Site Debris.

Regardless of the specifics of your case, you will need a New York construction lawyer with a track record of success who will fight for you every step of the way. You will need the best available personal injury representation.

Brandon J. Broderick has assisted thousands of clients in obtaining the money and benefits to which they are entitled for more than a decade. We have every incentive to quickly obtain the largest settlement or verdict possible for you. We work on a contingency basis, so you won't have to pay anything unless we successfully recover money on your behalf.

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