When you enter any business, whether it is a mall, hotel, car or restaurant, you probably believe you have the right to a safe environment. In fact, you do. The owner has the legal obligation to take reasonable precautions to ensure you are safe from being harmed.

When they do not take measures to ensure your safety and you are injured, you may have the right to sue for negligent security to seek compensation.

When a patron suffers an injury that is foreseeable, as a result of poor security measures, a property owner can be hit with a negligent security lawsuit. These situations typically arise when a person is the victim of a robbery, assault, violence, rape, or even wrongful death.

Even though each negligent security case is unique, there are a number of legal laws that hold the property owner liable. We will offer some of the important information to understand when it comes to negligent security in the following article.

If you have been injured in a negligent security situation, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney to understand your rights. The team at Brandon J. Broderick can help you, thanks to our wealth of experience.

What Does Foreseeable Harm or Foreseeable Criminal Attack Mean?

Although none of us can see the future, property owners have a responsibility to recognize, take into account, and take action to safeguard the public against hazards to their safety while on their property.

An example of this would be if criminal activity is known to take place on or around the property, then it's reasonable to believe that someone could be hurt by criminal conduct. A property owner could be held accountable if nothing is done to improve security due to this known threat.

In situations involving poor security, lawyers search for prior criminal conduct on or near a property to demonstrate that an owner or operator had "constructive knowledge" that an incident could occur and did nothing to help prevent it.

Winning a Negligent Security Case

Where you live will determine the laws and legal requirements needed to win a negligent security case. However, here are three things you need to prove to succeed:

  • The defendant was legally obligated to offer security at the property.
  • The defendant failed to take appropriate security precautions.
  • The defendant's security was not sufficient to protect the plaintiff from harm.

Lawyers must be able to prove that the owner of the property had not taken appropriate precautions against a foreseeably violent attack, and as a result, the victim suffered injury or worse.

Hurt On Someone Else's Property? We Can Help

Although a negligent security lawsuit may appear straightforward, it can be complex to prove in court. Having a knowledgeable negligent security lawyer by your side can drastically impact your case for the better.

Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law has years of experience in helping clients navigate these sometimes complicated cases. We have a successful track record. Retaining us doesn't hold any risks. You pay nothing upfront. And, you only pay if we win your case.

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