Did you know that more than 50 motorcyclists annually lose lives to accidents in Connecticut? According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, 68 motorcyclists died in 2021. 

Motorcycle accidents are undesirable, but can happen to any person. So it’s better to be prepared and learn beforehand the dos and don’ts after a motorcycle accident in Connecticut.

After filing your motorcycle accident claim, you must take various steps to maximize your compensation. Read on to understand the dos and don’ts after a Connecticut motorcycle accident.

What You Should Do After a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident 

The various measures to take after your motorcycle accident in Connecticut are as follows.

Call the Police 

The first move after your Connecticut motorcycle accident would be to inform the police. That way, you fulfill your legal duty as an individual involved in an accident. Besides, calling the police helps you create evidence for your compensation claim. 

Insurance adjusters and juries examine police reports and testimonies. These serve as substantial pieces of evidence in Connecticut motorcycle accident lawsuits. Your copy of the police report will also help your injury attorney to evaluate your case from an unbiased perspective. 

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Both parties will most likely incur severe injuries and fatalities during motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, motorcycle accident injuries may take time to show the signs and symptoms. Also, the shock you get from the accident may make you numb to pain or soreness. 

It’s advisable to seek medical attention for your injuries, whether major or minor. Seeking immediate medical treatment will boost your evidence when filing your compensation claim. Failure to seek the necessary medical attention can make the insurance company claim that you didn’t get injured. 

Collect Evidence and Witness Information 

After your motorcycle accident, request other drivers, passengers, and potential witnesses for their contact information. If possible, ensure you write their addresses, phone numbers, and names.

In most cases, your motorcycle accident lawyer will want to speak to everyone involved in the accident when filing your claim. Ensure you write down all the details you can remember about the crash as soon as possible. 

You must give as much detail as possible because memories can sometimes fade after an accident occurs. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and your injuries as they heal.

Contact a Connecticut Motorcycle Attorney 

It's best to work with an injury lawyer after your Connecticut motorcycle accident. Your accident lawyer understands how to assess your motorcycle accident better. This helps to uncover underlying evidence and prove your liability.

Besides, your injury attorney will know ways to maximize the compensation amount sought in your accident claim. Sometimes, insurance companies may attempt to deny or devalue claims from accident victims. 

So, contacting an injury attorney will be in your best interest. Furthermore, most accident lawyers will only charge you a fee after you win your compensation claims. The motorcycle accident lawyers of Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, know every case is unique and work to maximize your best interest,

What You Shouldn’t Do After a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident 

Now that you know your dos, let's explore your don’ts after a motorcycle accident in Connecticut. 

Don’t Leave the Accident Scene

You should only leave the motorcycle accident scene to obtain immediate medical help via an ambulance. Otherwise, it would be best if you didn't leave the scene of your motorcycle crash before the police arrived. If you go before the police get there, you risk being charged with evading responsibility under the law. 

Don’t Speak to Insurance Companies

It’s not advisable to provide any statements to the insurance company of the other driver involved in the crash. If need be, let your injury lawyer be present. Whatever statement you provide will be stored for compensation negotiations in the future. Besides, your statements may get used as evidence in a future trial in court. 

Don’t Sign Any Paperwork From Opposing Insurance Companies

An insurance company sometimes offers you monetary compensation for your accident injuries. Also, they provide paperwork for you to sign. 

Avoid signing any documents without the guidance of your injury lawyer. Anything you sign will be binding under the law and deny you all rights to file a claim or get more compensation. 

Below are points to remember:

  • Call the police to assess and create a report after your motorcycle crash
  • Seek medical help from the nearest hospital 
  • Don't sign any paperwork or provide statements without discussing them with your lawyer

Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Understanding the steps to take after your motorcycle accident in Connecticut can help build a solid foundation for your compensation claim. It would be best to follow the above measures to ensure your accident claim emerges successfully. 

Avoid taking any chances with opposing insurance companies. Get in touch with the CT motorcycle accident lawyers of Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law. Our compassionate attorney team will listen to your story and help you understand your options. We’ll be there, by your side, every step of the way. 

We have locations across Connecticut from Bridgeport to Hartford. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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