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About Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk, Connecticut is the sixth biggest city in Connecticut. Settled in 1649 it is a beautiful coastal town. It sits inside the NYC metropolitan area making it a nice place to live that is not too far from the city.

  • Elevation: 43’
  • Area: 36.77 mi2
  • Population: 88,599

Top sights in Norwalk

  • The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
  • Stepping Stones Museum for Children
  • Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum

Is Norwalk Connecticut Safe?

Norwalk is not that safe of a city with a higher crime rate then 72% of CT.

What is Norwalk Known for?

Norwalk is well known for its unique coastline. It is a great area to go to the beach or to go boating. The geography of Norwalk’s coastline means that there are many beaches and other great activities to do.

Is Norwalk a good place to live?

Norwalk is considered a nice place to live. There is plenty of things to do there and lots of entertainment.

Is Norwalk CT expensive?

Norwalk is one of the more expensive cities in the us. It has a living cost that is 35% higher then the rest of the US.