Norwalk, Connecticut is the sixth biggest city in Connecticut. Settled in 1649 this historic town is a beautiful coastal destination. It sits inside the NYC metropolitan area making it a nice place to live that is not too far from the city. here are some of the best attractions in Norwalk.


The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk is a great attraction for people of all ages! The aquarium features 75 live exhibits, with more than 2,700 marine animals from 300 different species. These animals range from freshwater river species, to deep ocean inhabitants. Some of their live exhibits include Pinniped cove with seals, Journey with Jellies with jellyfish, River Otters, and Ocean Beyond the Sound with Sharks. The aquarium also includes some digital exhibits, including a virtual reality experience, a digital wall where you can sketch the marine animals, and an Explore Climate Change exhibit.

The aquarium also hosts a lot of programs, including virtual family programs, camps, school field trips, and teen programs. They also host educator workshops for teachers who are hoping to teach their students more about marine life. On top of that, the aquarium also has a lot of conservation efforts that they are working on. They do research in sea turtle conservation, water quality, ocean farming and fisheries, and climate change species migration, just to name a few. They also have a single use plastics initiative that they implemented in the aquarium to try and reduce their plastic usage, and raise awareness about how harmful single use plastics are. The Maritime Aquarium does a lot of great work, and is a great experience worth checking out if you are in the Norwalk area!


Stepping Stones Museum for Children is a great place for families with young children to visit! Located in South Norwalk, the museum features tons of exhibits to keep children entertained for hours. The exhibits include a construction exhibit, an outdoor playground, a community garden, an energy lab, and much more! They have different exhibits geared towards various age groups, from babies to elementary aged children.

The museum often hosts various events for families, such as movie nights and concerts. They also have classes, programs, and camps for children, during summer and throughout the year. They also give you the opportunity to have field trips and birthday parties at the museum. The museum's website also features a studio, where they stream videos about child development, and various related topics. Stepping Stones Museum is a great experience for children and families!


The Lockwood-Mathews Museum is a registered national historic landmark in Norwalk. It is known as one of the earliest and most significant Second Empire country houses in the US. It was build during the civil war, and stayed a private home until 1941, when it was sold to the city of Norwalk and became a public park. In 1971, it was designated a museum and national historic landmark.

The museum is open for guided tours on Wednesday through Sunday, during the afternoon. It also offers group tours if you book in advance. The tour includes viewings of the entrance hall, library, music room, dining room, bedrooms, drawing room, and more. The museum also hosts various events throughout the year, such as a free admission for kids day and Halloween tours. The Lockwood- Mathews museum is a great experience for those interested in history and architecture!

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