In Connecticut, auto accidents are a consistent threat to public safety. Being involved in a car accident is already a stressful scenario, but not knowing what to do next can make you feel a bit hopeless or overwhelmed. But, your capacity to pursue damages after an accident is substantially impacted by what you do right away. This is where filing an accident report comes in.

An accident report is considered factual evidence to support your version of how the accident occurred if you are a Connecticut driver who has been in an accident. If you've never filed an accident report, it's simple to accomplish and essential for protecting your legal rights.

The University of Connecticut Crash Data Repository reports that there were 83,734 car accidents in 2020 reported to the police. There were at least 21,000 injuries overall from these collisions, with 301 being fatal and over 1,100 being severe. As you can see, statistics show that accidents involving injuries happen frequently and you must act if you were hurt in a car accident in Connecticut, in order to recover your losses.

We offer some simple information below about obtaining an accident report in the state of Connecticut. However, if you have been in an accident, please remember that speaking to a Connecticut car accident lawyer is your best course of action. Brandon J. Broderick and our team have the experience and legal knowledge that will prove vital to the success of your car accident case and the compensation you receive. 

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How To Request Your Connecticut Car Accident Report

Negligent drivers may go to great lengths to avoid paying for the damage they've caused after an accident. Since Connecticut is a “fault state”, the negligent party is responsible for damages. So, the other party may make untrue statements regarding what occurred, especially in the absence of solid evidence to the contrary.

An accident report serves as strong evidence that can disprove the lies of a negligent motorist. If you are eligible for damages, these reports serve as the standard and will aid in proving your case.

As soon as possible after an accident, you should request a copy of the Police Report or an Accident Information Summary from the relevant responding law enforcement agency.

An Accident Information Summary provides a preliminary description of your accident, the people and vehicles involved, insurance information, and a summary of what transpired. You can obtain it at the Connecticut State Police's website here, and is accessible for 30 days following the accident.

Getting Your Police Report

Contact the Records Division of the law enforcement department that responded to your accident in order to get an accident report first. This may be the Highway Patrol, Police, Sherriff, Fire Department, etc. County-to-county variations exist in these contact details.

Methods to request the official police report:

  • A large number of auto accident reports are online at, but not all of them. Requests for certified copies, investigative reports, and accident reports that aren't readily available must be sent by mail.
  •  Mailing the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection a completed request form (DPS-96-C, "Request for Copy of Report") together with payment. The fee is just $16.

This should be mailed to:

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Connecticut State Police Headquarters
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457

  • Alternatively, you can ask your CT car accident lawyer to get a copy for you. A lawyer will generally get a copy for you, free of charge.

If You Need Advice, Brandon J. Broderick is a Phone Call Away

A right lawyer can be of assistance. It might be difficult to understand an accident report and determine what is best for yourself legally. A knowledgeable Connecticut car accident lawyer can assist you in understanding and reading your report. 

Our attorneys at Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law, have years of experience in dealing with car accidents, especially those involving injuries. Give us a call today! We offer free consultations where we will review your case and help you figure out the next steps.

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