If you are looking for just the right amount of sun, rain, and snow, you should consider coming to Bridgeport. Even subtropical indicator plants and other broadleaf evergreen can grow here. And if you missed the city life, you can go to New York city using public transportation. Bridgeport is only an hour and 15 minutes drive to the Big Apple.


Bridgeport is the historic seaport and the largest city in the state of Connecticut, USA. It is the port city at the juncture of Pequonnock River and Long Island Sound. It is divided by rivers, low-lying wetland areas, creeks and with upland peninsulas. Bordered by the towns of Stratford to the east, Fairfield to the west, and Trumbull to the north. Centuries ago, Bridgeport's connection to flowing water had the impact on its industrial development.

Some of its waterways are the Pequonnock River. It is a navigable waterway with a dredged channel. This most significant watercourse has its headwaters flow downslope and south toward Long Island Sound. Another important river is the Rooster River. It forms as the border between Bridgeport and Fairfield. Next is the Island Brook. It was dammed to impound both Lake Forest and Charcoal Pond.

Park City, as Bridgeport is commonly called, has four islands. One is the South Island, also known as "Lovers Island" connected to the mainland by the stone bridge built in the memory of Henry Setzer. Another Island is the Fayer Weather. It is a wooded island connected to the Seaside Park. It is the site of the Black Rock Harbor Light. Next is the Pleasure Beach which is connected to Startford by a sandspit. The last one is the Great Marsh Island. It is the mouth of Ash Creek.


So, if you plan on visiting my hometown in cooler weather, check the information below.

Bridgeport has a temperate climate, with long hot summers, cool to cold winters with occasional showers spread evenly throughout the year. Warm or hot season starts in mid April and lasts until early November. The cold season is late November through March. The hottest months are from June through September wherein you will experience late day thundershowers. The average monthly temperature is 31.40F which can be expected from January through July. There are infrequent tropical storm and the last recorded Hurricane landfall was in 2012. The coldest temperature was recorded in January 22, 1984 with -70F and the hottest was in July22, 1957 with 1030F.


Bridgeport residents are of diverse culture and races. As per census data in 2010, Bridgeport has 144,229 population. For every 100 females there are 91.2 males. Of the population, 39.6% are white, 34.6% are Black Americans or African Americans, 3.4% are Asians, 4.3% are of two or more races. The city's per capital income is 16, 306. US Dollars. The median income per household is 34,658 USD, and 18.4% of the total population are below the poverty line. But in 2018 the status improved and the average household income grew by 1.34%.

The geographic location of Bridgeport where hot meets cold, where city meets sub-urban, where the fusion of different cultures depicts peace and harmony, anyone who visited the PARK CITY can attest that it is home, away from home.

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