Hartford , the capital city of the state of Connecticut, is one of the USA's oldest cities founded in 1636. The city itself is glowing with though provoking arts and entertainment as well as interesting historical attractions, making it a city for everyone to enjoy. Hartford is also considered to be the insurance capital of the world as it is the home of many insurance companies and has a strong business nature.

Hartford as it is today, is believed to have been founded by the Reverend Thomas Hooker, an Englishman who travelled to America around 1636. Hooker named the city Hartford after his own hometown in England, Hertford. Hooker and his Puritan followers had travelled to America in the hopes of settling and creating a "purified" religious community. The English settlers established themselves in Hartford creating their own religious community and also introduced their own system of governance to the area. The Geographical location of Hartford on the Connecticut river made it a great location.


The history of Hartford is a diverse and intriguing one. Prior to international settlers arriving in Hartford during the 17th century era of exploration, native Americans had lived and worked in Hartford for thousands of years. Many tribes existed in Hartford prior to the 17th century settlements such as the Poquonocks, the Tunixis, the Wangunks and the Saukiogs who all inhabited their own sections of the lands within the area. Foreign travellers later settled in Hartford such as the Dutch as early as 1614 and following them were the English in the 1630s. There were amicable relations between the natives and the settlers in Hartford and the progressive nature of this area during this early time may explain why the city is so great today.

Connecticut has often been attributed as the "Constitution State" and part of the reason for this could be to do with Hartford's governing past. Due to it's geographical position in America, Hartford from as early as 1638 saw the need to establish it's own form of local governance and so adopted it's own laws referred to as the Fundamental Orders which are often thought of as being America's first written constitution. With such a rich past it is easy to see why this city is important in modern day America.


In the present day Hartford has become a thriving and popular location with a population density of 121,203 people as of 2020. This makes Hartford the 238th largest city in the entire United States and statistics demonstrates that those who live in Hartford also have a good socio-economic position overall, with the average household income per year in Hartford being at $52,689. When studying the statistics of the population in Hartford it also appears that the city is a diverse one.

According to the most recent studies on the demographic of Hartford, it shows that the population of the city consists of 37.7% African Americans, 31.25% White peoples and a good mixture of other cultures including Native Hawaiian's, Native Americans, Asians and others. The community of Hartford includes many diverse places including Churches, Concert Halls, Arts Centres, parks and museums. Hartford also has strong educational establishments such as Trinity College, Hartford College for Women and the Capital Community College providing opportunities for its residents. Hartford is in every sense a modern and progressive city.

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